Nova Scotia: A Stunning Province To Get Lost At

Nova Scotia is one of the three Maritime Provinces of Canada and one of the four provinces that make up Atlantic Canada. It happens to be the second smallest province in Canada, comprising Cape Breton and 3,800 other offshore islands.

The continental area of ​​the province happens to be the Nova Scotia Peninsula. It remains enclosed by the Atlantic Ocean, comprising numerous estuaries and bays. The Island of Cape Breton is a large island. It lies to the northeast of the continental area of Nova Scotia. There are 3,800 other coastal islands that are also part of the province. The same as the island of Sable, a small island is famous for its shipwrecks. So, while you’re planning to visit Nova Scotia, make sure you have confirmed delta airlines booking on flights to Nova Scotia. And don’t miss out on any of the best places listed below!

Take your camera to Peggy cove

Peggy Cove is located about 27 miles southwest of Halifax. It is an important fishing town with timeless charm. It also happens to be one of the most scenic places to stop over in Nova Scotia. Its vague Atlantic littoral conditions make the small lighthouse that perches very dangerously on the granite bluffs an important focal point for mariners, if not for tourists, who want to take a photo of the lighthouse from every possible angle. Stroll along the colorful fishing piers and breathe in the scent of fish, seaweed, and rotten rope.

Follow Cabot’s trail

If you’re visiting Nova Scotia in the fall, be sure to follow the Cabot Trail. It displays a riot of forest colors and is one of Nova Scotia’s best attractions. A coastal route 300 circles the island’s northwest coast and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It begins and ends in the town of Baddeck, the home of Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone. This ride will take you along the tallest mountains in Nova Scotia, stretching to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Enter the fortress of Louisbourg national historical site

Situated along the Park Service Road in Louisbourg, the reconstruction of the fortress and its forty historically accurate buildings gives you a glimpse of mid-18th century life in one of the most remote communities on the planet. Guides in disguise tell the backstories of the work establishments, the fortress, and outbuildings.

Visit the historic work port of Lunenburg

The colorful town and harbor of Lunenburg are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and demonstrate very well how difficult life must have been through the ages for the fishing communities of Nova Scotia. The historic port is still home to fishermen who will appreciate ice for their fresh day’s catch of paddling and the docks still welcome the glasses. One of the most famous vessels built in Lunenburg is the schooner Bluenose, which left the dock for the first time in 1921 and went on to win many international races.

Things to do in Nova Scotia

Harbor Cruises

It would be a shame to visit Halifax and not see it from the first glance, approaching from the sea, with the walls of the Citadel towering over the historic pier. There are several ways to enjoy this view of the water. You can take a tour of Theodore tug port or sail, who can help hoist, aboard the 40-meter Tall Ship Silva.

Hike the Cabot Trail (named after seafarers John Cabot).

This trail is located in the north-western part of the island and is considered to be one of the most beautiful scenic destinations or routes in all of North America. On the final stretch, hikers will pass through lovely prairie land, forests, hills, and even pass through the sea.

See the largest violin in the world

Sitting in front of the Joan Harriss cruise ship pavilion on the Sydney shoreline is the largest violin in the world! The violin is 18 meters tall and tough to miss. Day or night, the violin can be viewed with lights that keep it well ignited in the evenings. You will certainly want to take photos of the violin and even take a characteristic souvenir photo of yourself standing next to it.

Take a workshop

Speaking of arts and crafts, it is also possible to hold a workshop. The Cape Breton Center for Crafts & Design offers workshops for adults and children. Learn how to paint, cast silver jewelry, or the mocha diffusion technique. The workshops can last half a day or a full day. You can also sign up to learn from a local craftsman in his workshop.


With so many things to do around Nova Scotia, at the eastern end of Canada, offers a complete change of scenery, off the beaten track. Plan your trip along with all your favorite travel buddies to have a unique holiday experience like never before.  So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Nova Scotia with Airlines Vacations for an unforgettable vacation at very affordable rates. And get ready to explore a complete change of scenery, an exceptional journey off the beaten track.

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