What is the reason behind micronutrient deficiency?

The vitamins and minerals required by the body in minor amounts are called micronutrients. But, their consequences on health are significant, and deficiency in any of them can lead to serious and even life-threatening diseases. 

They help the body to generate hormones, enzymes, etc., required for normal growth and development. Lack of iron, iodine, and vitamin A are the most common ones, especially in kids and pregnant ladies.

Lack of micronutrients in the body could result in clear and hazardous health conditions, but they could cause a less clinically notable decrease in mental clarity, energy level, and overall ability.

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Causes of micronutrient deficiency

  1. Not consuming a healthy diet

Sticking to a fat diet or restricted diet that usually lacks essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and zinc can cause a deficiency. Consuming an unhealthy diet or eating more and more processed foods lacks vital nutrients because food processing could drain nutrients.

  • Times when the need is more

There are occasions when you need more vitamins and minerals than normal for instance, during pregnancy, there is a high requirement of iron, folic acid, and protein.Nutrient deficiency takes place in case the diet lacks an ample amount of these nutrients.

  • Drug leading to nutrient deficiency

Various medications are there that could hinder the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. Antacids and some drugs used for curing type 2 diabetes might obstruct B-12 absorption. Drugs such as Anti-seizure medications can hinder the absorption of vitamins.

  • Smoking

Smoking can cause vitamin C deficiency, too, as it lowers the absorption of this vitamin.

  • Following a vegan diet can cause protein deficiency

Those who only eat vegetarian meals and avoid dairy products are called vegan. Those who don’t consume any foods from animals are usually calcium and protein deficient as dairy products are highly rich in calcium and protein.

  • Alcohol consumption

Drinking too much alcohol blocks the absorption of vitamin C and folate, plus other vitamins.

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