Iris Flowers and Its Symbolic Meanings

For centuries, people have been giving flowers as a statement of a specific message like thanks, appreciation, gratitude, rejection, regret, and many more. All those messages are summarized in the language flowers, also known for its alternative name, floriography. According to floriography, every flower carries a specific special meaning or symbolism. Iris flowers are no exception. If you consider giving someone iris flowers, it is necessary to learn about the message attached to this flower.

Symbolic Meanings of Iris Flower

Iris flowers are widely popular as the icon of majesty, delicacy, and wisdom. The name of the flower itself is taken from Greek mythology. People believed the beautiful flower is named after the goddess of the rainbow.

The flower exists in a wide variety of colors and shades. According to the art of floriography, colors and shades of flowers could represent different messages. So, here are the meanings and symbolism of Irises according to its colors.

  • Purple Irises

The color of purple itself is the color of elegance and nobility. So, it is only usual for anything with this rich and lovely color would be attached with wealth or elegance. Irises with purple petals symbolize royalty and wisdom. Therefore, it’s perfect to give purple irises as a sign of respect and appreciation.

  • Yellow Irises

The color of joy and positivity, flowers with yellow petals are known for having positive symbolic meanings. For yellow irises, the message they represent is passion. That makes irises with yellow petals are suitable to give as a sign of support and wish for good luck.

  • Blue Irises

Blue is often associated with trust and honesty. When people think of blue, they would think about something with a peaceful presence such as the sky and the ocean. In correlation, blue irises symbolize faith and hope. You could give blue irises to wish someone a quick recovery or congratulate someone for their new beginning.

  • White Irises

The color white is often seen as delicate and symbolizes innocence. The same applies to white irises. White iris flowers are often featured as decoration for wedding receptions, or even bridal bouquets. The presence of purity the flower has is just perfect for the occasion.

  • Pink Irises

Pink, the color of excitement and love. Pink irises represent unconditional love beyond romance. It is still a very suitable flower as a gift for lovers. However, you could also express love to a friend or a family member through pink irises. The gift-giving activity could strengthen bonds between people. So, consider giving your close ones pink irises as an act of care for them.

  • Orange Irises

Orange is the color of autumn and is usually associated with warmth. As a vibrant and bright color, the color orange seems like the perfect symbol of bravery. In correlation, orange irises also happen to be the representative of passion and enthusiasm.

  • Red Irises

When it comes to flowers, the color red is the language of love and admiration. It is general knowledge that red flowers are the most suitable gift to celebrate romance since the gift-giving activity is also a love language. Therefore, red irises would be lovely as gifts for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

Popular Varieties of Iris Flowers

Belong to the Iridaceae family, iris flowers are popular for their unique shape of petals. The majestic flower has a very pleasing fragrant, which describe as a buttery-soft scent. Iris flowers exist in more than 200 varieties and each of them has its charm. Here’s to get to know the popular varieties of iris.

  • Louisiana Iris

This variety of iris is mostly found in coastal swamps. The plant requires a generous amount of water and acidic soil to grow and bloom beautifully. The plant begins to grow when the temperature gets lower in early October and blooms by April. In nature, you can find Louisiana irises in a wide range of colors. This variety is famous for its black flower, which is popular as the Black Gamecock.

  • Japanese Iris

The Japanese iris is famous for its breathtaking appearance and elegant presence. In Japan, this variety is called Hanashobu. To grow into a delicate flower, the plant requires not only full sunlight but also moist-acidic soil. Because of their delightful beauty, people consider Japanese irises as the perfect flower for water gardens.

  • Siberian Iris

This variety of iris have blue and purple petals as one of their characteristics. It is easy to take care of Siberian iris since they demand low maintenance. Just make sure you supply a good drainage system for the plant. Because as long as the plant is exposed to sunlight, the plant would likely grow even in poor soil. Even though the Siberian iris might be smaller compared to other varieties.

  • Iris Germanica

This variety of iris are known to be very attractive not only to the human eyes but also to insects. This causes the re-blooming irises of this variety to be fragrant. From their name, it is given information that this variety is German bearded. The most well-recognized characteristic of the plant is its tall stem and large blooms.

  • Iris Hollandica

Widely known as the Dutch iris, this variety is popular for its silk-textured petals. People would love to have this variety as their home decoration since it is simple to arrange them into vases. This variety requires full sun and part shade as they grow. It is also necessary to make sure the soil is well-drained for the plant to blooms.

Iris Flowers as Decoration

Iris makes beautiful cut flowers for decoration. Its delicate presence could light up the room’s atmosphere. For example, you can add some positive energy to your working space by having a vase of irises displayed on your desk. With bright colors and pleasing fragrances, iris flowers are perfect to brighten up your day.

Not limited only to home decoration, irises are also suitable for events such as birthday parties. To have iris flowers as the decoration for your valuable day, you can access the birthday delivery Singapore service. There are a lot of options available for you to choose from.

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